Affiliate marketing and affiliate service is currently making mark in today’s digital marketing all over the work… Click bank, a top affiliate network roll out millions of dollars yearly to people as commission to products sold, as well as other affiliate network

The question a newbie will ask himself/herself is “how come people make so much sales via this networks”? this led to my conclusion- the major problem a newbie encounter when he or she starts affiliate marketing is:


Locating an affiliate network and getting affiliate links is very simple but the headache comes when it comes to driving traffic to the affiliate links to make some money

For newbie with $0 for native ads, push notifications ads, am going to talk about common but ignored networks in which much traffic can be generated from and of course sales will be guaranteed so far consistency is in place


  1. QUORA

QUORA, the no.1 Q&A website in the world!! Most people ignore the power of quora as regards driving audience to their affiliate links.

Quora receives average of 500 million visitors every month… wow! That’s huge! You could be confused and be asking yourself how quora can serve you with audience. Most people on quora are definitely looking for one or two things: could be a review of a product, could be personal or at the same time can be fun issues

The simple but consistent thing you are to do is to search for questions relating to the product you promote- simple!

e.g. you promote web hosting service-  you just need to search questions about web hosting and you will see variety of questions e.g


Best web hosting company in the world?”

“Cheapest web hosting in 2021?”

“Does bluehost work in India?”

All you need do is to

1.filter questions first by time so as to see the latest questions to answers

  1. give quality answers, I mean real values, don’t spam, quora is gonna chase you, and remember you wanna be a top affiliate, give quality answers
  2. do not paste affiliate links directly into your answers, you will be banned!

Visit or and shorten your links or cloak your links and then use the hyperlink method to paste your code

QUORA too has spaces to which you can compose articles and post for readers in the spaces to read, this will surely convert and get you audience to your affiliate links.

E.g. (still on webhosting) BLOGGING spaces could be the best for you…

A review article works best for that type of service


This sound super simple, to which you must put much work to see results in less than 10 days!! It’s a proven method



YouTube, the number one video platform in the world with a lot of traffic from all part of the world and diverse uploads of videos, you might be wondering how this could drive you traffic, okay let’s get to business!!

YouTube here will be taking the place of a blog, which is not free to create, cheap though (NB: you might think a blog is free at, those types of blogs are crude and wont drive you the traffic to your affiliate links and if it does it will be at a very low rate, neither will it keep your visitors). Instead of you publishing in words, you will publish videos speaking those words… SIMPLE



The method that will be used here will be a reviewing method.

  1. Create a YouTube channel (not necessarily in line with your product)
  2. Create a playlist on your products
  3. Make your video, mostly review tactics. It works!!
  4. Drop affiliate links in the description: 1-5% conversion guarantee

(always shorten your links-,

  1. Drive traffic to your YouTube channel and video

You might be surprised; how do I drive traffic to my YouTube? Thought we were talking about traffic to affiliate links, why YouTube again?

Okay, there comes the power of QUORA!!!: simply embed your video link in your answers in quora and boom- you drive traffic to channel

Now you’ve given two valuable sources to your products: Your Answers and a Video Upload. Affiliate product and service sales is inevitable!!




LinkedIn is a powerful site, trust me: good traffic and professional users, this makes it different from other social media sites like twitter, Instagram, Facebook where everyone is and just posting memes. LinkedIn isn’t in for that

Now since linked in is mainly for professional uses, all you need do is

  1. Use a top quality product

Why am saying this is, you don’t expect a less quality to thrive well here, the thing is 60% of people you will be talking to about the product will already have a knowledge of the product, all you need do is to give a deeper knowledge of any top quality products you will be promoting


  1. Connect with People

This is the main strategy of this method, it’s not enough to give a quality product but also to connect with the right people

For example, you promote an email marketing service, all you need do is to

  1. Go to the search button, enter “email marketing”
  2. There will be list of people who is interested in email marketing and also a group that contains people interested in email marking
  3. Simply connect with them
  4. Send a message, talking about your product 5-10% conversion rate is guarantee, here you can also drop your YouTube link for additional knowledge

NB: promote a product with good landing page, or a product with free training course in its landing page, it keeps the conversion rate high


Alright guys, trust have been able to give few advices on how to drive traffic to your affiliate links with $0. This method works and always know that this strategy works based on consistency. The more consistent you are the more your chances of making good number of sales as an affiliate marketing


I will be publishing other free methods to drive traffic to your products in matter of days so as to help you scale up in your business


Thank you and don’t forget to leave a comment!