In the present world, the general method or way of earning online is selling a product to a targeted audience. Starting an online business sounds tough, sounds unrealistic to so many

“I don’t have a product”

                “I don’t have an audience”

                “I don’t have Money to set it up”

                “I don’t have a website, No YouTube channel”

The main two problems here are NO PRODUCT AND NO AUDIENCE: a product and traffic to the product


As I mentioned earlier,


we need a product and a traffic to the product

Of course you don’t have a product and I won’t be telling you to make a product for yourself, if you have- it’s perfect! As a beginner you don’t have a product. But where do you get a product- Simply go with AFFILIATE MARKETING- To find Affiliate Products.

I’m going to show you four affiliate sites to which is mostly available in all countries of the world


Clickbank is number 1 affiliate marketing sites in the world- simply click here to sign up for clickbank

Navigate through the “shop” menu and you are going to see a lot of, I mean a lot of product, you’d have loved to produce (probably someone else is doing that) in different niches- Art, games, eBooks, entertainments and lots more

All you need do is select a product you know about and you get to sell it to people

   2. CJ-Affiliate

CJ-affiliate is also a big and well know affiliate network with a lot of traffic. So all you need do is to sign up, navigate through and get a desired product you’d love to sell to people (of course the one you know about)

So let’s say you don’t want to go with the big and top ranking affiliate networks or maybe it’s not available in your country, then let’s try the other alternatives

      a.Warrior plus

Warriorplus just like any other affiliate company: signup and navigate through to get the desired product in which you want to promote

Warriorplus is available in all countries but it has a unique feature in which other networks don’t have- it require you to know something about the product you want to promote and it also needs approval

Okay, that sounds difficult? No, it’s not. all you need do is to get a knowledge of the product you want to promote and simple write it in the provided space; this will lead to quick approval of your desire to promote the product

NOTE: in all the affiliate networks, after you have signed up; for each product you want to promote, there is a unique link which is peculiar to you and the product. That’s what you need, in other words THAT’S OUR PRODUCT!!- so we drive audience to this link, that is the PRODUCT


This is the most important and strategic problem often encountered In online business, it’s not enough to get a product but to also drive traffic towards the sales page via the unique link and to get some conversions- sales

Since you have no money to build websites, to set up a YouTube channel, the best free online method of getting traffic to the product is through- Q&A SITES & FORUM SITES

This is the main part of the work, the first step sounds simple and won’t take more than 10 minutes but this second step should have at least 1 hour or more of your day to make your desired earnings per month

One of the best, number one Q&A site is QUORA

  1. QUORA

QUORA, the no.1 Q&A website in the world!! Most people ignore the power of quora as regards driving audience to their affiliate links.

Quora receives average of 500 million visitors every month… wow! That’s huge! You could be confused and be asking yourself how quora can serve you with audience. Most people on quora are definitely looking for one or two things: could be a review of a product, could be personal or at the same time can be fun issues

The simple but consistent thing you are to do is to search for questions relating to the product you promote- simple!

e.g. you promote web hosting service-  you just need to search questions about web hosting and you will see variety of questions e.g.


Best web hosting company in the world?”

“Cheapest web hosting in 2021?”

“Does bluehost work in India?”

All you need do is to

1.filter questions first by time so as to see the latest questions to answers

  1. give quality answers, I mean real values, don’t spam, quora is going to chase you, and remember you want to be a top affiliate, give quality answers
  2. do not paste affiliate links directly into your answers, you will be banned!

Visit or and shorten your links or cloak your links and then use the hyperlink method to paste your code

QUORA too has spaces to which you can compose articles and post for readers in the spaces to read, this will surely convert and get you audience to your affiliate links.

E.g. (still on webhosting) BLOGGING spaces could be the best for you…

A review article works best for that type of service


This sound super simple, to which you must put much work to see results in less than 10 days!! It’s a proven method

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